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Welcome to Paramount Defenses


Hello, I'm Sanjay, CEO of Paramount Defenses, and formerly, Program Manager for Active Directory Security at Microsoft Corporation. On behalf of my entire global team at PD, I'd like to extend you a warm welcome.

"Security is an important issue for organizations as well as individuals. I would advise all organizations to attain and maintain a sound security posture. The work that Sanjay Tandon is doing to help organizations become and stay secure is great for the ecosystem."

– JC Cannon, Senior Privacy Strategist,
Trustworthy Computing Group


I have had the privilege of working on the vital field of Active Directory Security for over a decade now.

During my Microsoft years (2001 – 2005), I had the opportunity to design key security features available in Active Directory, author official Microsoft whitepapers, present at Microsoft TechEds, perform a risk assessment of Microsoft's own global Active Directory infrastructure, and help 1000s of organizations.

At Paramount Defenses (2006 – ), I've had the opportunity to architect some of the world's most valuable Active Directory solutions that today help organizations in 6 continents worldwide.

Based on my experience earned over the years, if there's one thing I know, it is that ...

...given Active Directory's mission-critical role in business, it must be adequately protected at all times.

In my experience, I have also found that while most organizations understand the need for, and do wish to adequately protect their Active Directory, they may not always know how to do so.

Thus, I've asked my staff to put together this concise Active Directory Security Resource Center, so that organizations have the information they need to establish and implement adequate risk management measures aimed at providing adequate protection for their foundational Active Directory deployments.

I hope this little resource will be helpful to organizations, and I wish you all the best in all regards.

Kindest regards,


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