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Time to Help Microsoft, and the World, Better Understand Active Directory Security

Folks, Today, the cyber security of every organization’s foundational Active Directory deployment is paramount to their security because Active Directory is the bedrock of organizational cyber security. Considering that 100% of all major recent cyber security breaches including Snowden, Target, JP Morgan, Sony, Anthem and the OPM data breach involved the compromise and misuse of […]

Active Directory Effective Permissions

Folks, Today, I would like to cover a paramount cyber security topic, one that is at the very heart, root and foundation of organizational cyber security worldwide – Active Directory Effective Permissions.   Before I share its technical and other salient aspects, I should mention that not a single organization in the world that today operates […]

Paramount Cyber Security Insight for Organizations Worldwide

Folks, Apologies for the delay. In light of recent global events (i.e. the U.S. Elections) which are believed to have been influenced by possibly the world’s biggest cyber security breach yet, I just wanted to let the dust settle prior to commencing sharing perspectives, since what we have to share concerns the foundational cyber security of both business […]

Its Time To Provide Thought Leadership to the Cyber Security Space

Folks, At Paramount Defenses, we’ve silently been at work for over a decade now (2006 – 2016), and we have uniquely  solved arguably the biggest cyber security challenge the world faces today. Having successfully done so, there’s much we have to share with the world, so in a few days to come, we will start sharing rare, […]

Hello World

Hello World, I’m Sanjay, Founder and CEO of Paramount Defenses. On behalf of our entire team, it is my privilege and pleasure to welcome you to our website and our blog, and pen our first official blog entry. Ten years ago, I founded Paramount Defenses to help organizations worldwide secure and defend the very foundation […]