Its Time to Help Safeguard Organizatonal Cyber Security Worldwide (i.e. protect Microsoft’s Global Ecosystem)


Hello. I hope this finds you doing well. Relative to 2017, I know we’ve been quiet for a bit, because, behind the scenes, we’ve been very busy helping protect foundational cyber security worldwide.


Its 2018, i.e. 18 years since Microsoft shipped Active Directory, yet most organizations worldwide don’t even have the means to adequately protect their foundational Active Directory deployments.

We know so, because over the last few years, we’ve had thousands of organizations from 160+ countries worldwide knock at our doors, unsolicited, so we know just how much (/little) they know.

What’s most concerning is that they don’t even seem to know that they cannot adequately secure even a single object in their Active Directory without possessing a paramount security capability.


This alarming situation can be attributed to 2 main reasons – at organizations worldwide, executive management seem to have no idea about the colossal impact an Active Directory security breach could have on their organization (, as middle-tier IT management too seem to be clueless,)  and their IT personnel don’t even seem to know about certain cardinal basics of Active Directory security.


That’s about to change, because in weeks to come, we’re going to directly inform thousands of CEOs worldwide about the serious cyber security risks their organizations remain exposed to today.

Finally, since most IT and cyber security personnel worldwide still seem to have much to learn, starting July 04 2018, we’re going to conduct a helpful Back to the Basics campaign on this blog.

In short, its time to help educate and safeguard Microsoft’s global ecosystem, because, as explained here, today corporate, national and global security, all depend on Active Directory Security.


This is the least we can do, because, as I shared last week …


Starting July 04, 2018, we’re going to start educating organizations worldwide, and safeguard the foundational cyber security of thousands of business and government organizations worldwide.


Here’s a simple question for starters – WHAT is the ONE Essential Cyber Security Capability WITHOUT which NOT a single Active Directory object or domain can be adequately secured?

Best wishes,