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Precise Effective Access Assessment

Cyber security is fundamentally about precise access control, and organizations cannot precisely control access without having the ability to precisely assess effective access.

User Accounts
System Administrators
Who has access
to What?
Computing Devices
Organizational Data

( After all, how can anyone secure any system without the ability to precisely determine exactly who has what effective access to which IT resources? )

Our patented technology uniquely helps organizations worldwide find out precisely who has what effective access in their IT infrastructures, thus enabling them to precisely control access.

We Develop Innovative, Mission-Critical Cyber Security Solutions

We apply our patented technology to develop and deliver highly innovative, mission-critical cyber security solutions that fulfill paramount, global cyber security needs (such as the ability to precisely assess effective access) and that empower organizations worldwide to secure and defend the very foundation of their security, their mission-critical cyber security infrastructures.

Mission-Critical Cyber Security Defenses

Our 1st solution, the innovative Gold Finger, powered by patented technology, uniquely empowers 85% of organizations worldwide to, for the first time ever, precisely assess, audit and thus control effective privileged access and administrative power (the proverbial "Keys to the Kingdom") in the lifeline of their IT infrastructures, their foundational Active Directory deployments.

Our 2nd solution, the innovative Gold Finger Mini, also powered by patented technology, is the world's most powerful cyber security penetration testing tool because it empowers security professionals to find out exactly who can reset whose passwords to instantly gain unauthorized privileged access to virtually any IT resource/system in any IT infrastructure in the world.

Our 3rd solution, the Golden Eye, also powered by patented technology, is a classified cyber security reconnaisance solution designed to perform strategic information reconnaissance.

Our 4th solution, Gold Finger 007G is the world's most powerful cyber security weapon. That is as much as we can publicly divulge today. It will be later this year.

Each of our existing solutions fulfills a paramount, global cyber security need today. These solutions are merely the first of many in our strategic cyber security protection product portfolio.

Who We Are What We Do How We Protect You