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We live and engage in business in the information age. Knowledge is power, and information, a valuable asset. Consequently, today, an organization's information/IT assets are vital to business.

Today, the security of an organization's information/IT assets has thus become essential to success and business continuity. In other words, today cyber security is paramount to business.

History is witness to the fact that elementally, virtually every cyber security breach involves unauthorized access of some form to some organizational IT/information asset. In every case, unauthorized access either stems from the inability of the organization to reliably control access to its IT/information assets or from the compromise of the organization's foundational cyber security infrastructure itself, the simplest example being the compromise of an administrative account by a perpetrator, giving him unrestricted access to the organization's IT/information assets.

Thus, elementally, trustworthy cyber security needs 2 thingsthe ability to precisely control access & assurance that the underlying security infrastructure will reliably enforce specified access.

Paramount Defenses is engaged in the development and delivery of paramount tactical and strategic cyber security defenses that will empower organizations worldwide to have the ability to precisely control access and assurance in their underlying security infrastructure's ability to reliably enforce specified access, so they can engage in business upon a trustworthy foundation.

Delivering Tactical Defenses Today

The ability to precisely control access is one of two essential requirements for trustworthy cyber security, because if organizations can precisely control access, they can virtually eliminate unauthorized access in their environments. The most important ability that organizations need today to precisely control access is the ability to precisely assess who currently has what access.

In fact, the need to know precisely who has access to which IT resources is an essential risk management capability that is paramount to organizational security today. Unfotunately, as paramount and as essential as it is, this elemental cyber security capability is virtually non-existent today, which is why most organizations worldwide are unable to precisely control access.


Paramount Defenses has pioneered the development and delivery of innovative effective access assessment technology that for the first time ever, empowers organizations to precisely assess access in their IT environments. Organizations worldwide can now find out exactly who has what access to their IT/information assets, and thus reliably and easily control access to their assets.

The company's innovative effective access assessment technology is embodied in its Gold Finger solution, the world's first effective access assessment solution that empowers organizations that operate on Microsoft's Windows platform to reliably assess provisioned access on IT assets and adequately secure their IT assets. The currently available version focuses on effective access assessments in Active Directory.

Gold Finger, powered by innovative, Microsoft-endorsed, patented technology, is the world's most valuable cyber security solution, because it helps mitigate the world's #1 cyber security risk.

Pursuing Strategic Defenses for Tomorrow

The assurance that an organization's underlying cyber security infrastructure reliably enforces specified access is the second of two essential requirements for trustworthy cyber security, because if the underlying cyber security infrastructure cannot reliably enforce the access specified by its users and administrators to its IT/information assets, then there is no security at all.

For organizations to have assurance in the underlying cyber security infrastructure's ability to enforce specified access, what they need is the ability to adequately and comprehensively secure and defend their foundational cyber security infrastructures from the risk of compromise. After all, if the foundational cyber security infrastructure itself is compromised, everything will be at risk.

Strategic Cyber Security Defenses

Paramount Defenses intends to develop and deliver the world's first dedicated and comprehensive cyber security infrastructure protection solution that will empower organizations to adequately secure and defend their foundational cyber security infrastructures, and consequently have the assurance that their cyber security infrastructures will in fact enforce specified access 365-24-7.

The company's cyber security infrastructure protection solution, code-named White Knight, will be comprised of a modular and extensible suite of solutions designed to work together seamlessly to provide adequate and comprehensive protection for all components (e.g. Active Directory, Domain Controllers, Administrative Accounts and Groups, Auditing, PKI, Certificate Services, DNS, etc.) that together comprise an organization's foundational cyber security infrastructure.

As the guardians of the entirety of an organization's information and IT assets, cyber security infrastructures play a vital role in business and national security. The protection and defense of an organization's cyber security infrastructure is thus a matter of paramount importance, and when available, White-Knight will play a paramount role in foundational cyber security protection worldwide.

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