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White Knight

White Knight

White Knight

At the heart of our comprehensive foundational cyber security infrastructure protection management system lies White Knight, the world’s first and finest security solution specifically designed to protect foundational cyber security infrastructures for organizations worldwide. Powered by patented technology, White Knight will enable and empower organizations worldwide to effortlessly and reliably centrally specify, monitor, enforce, assess, and analyze a unified cyber security policy governing the protection of every aspect of their cyber security infrastructure.

White Knight will be comprised of a modular and extensible suite of solutions that will integrate seamlessly to provide adequate and comprehensive protection for all components of a Microsoft Windows Server based IT infrastructure (e.g. Active Directory, Domain Controllers, Administrative Accounts, Groups and Workstations, Auditing, PKI, Certificate Services, DNS, etc.) that together comprise an organization's foundational cyber security infrastructure.

Due to the competitive nature of business, we are unable to divulge any additional details on White Knight just yet.

What we can tell you today is that White Knight will be unmatched in its ability to help an organization simplify and integrate the management and protection of all aspects of its foundational cyber security infrastructure. In addition, its modular and extensible architecture will enable organizations to effortlessly tailor it to suit their unique requirements, independent of platform, version or vendor.

When available, White Knight will be the world’s most trustworthy foundational cyber security infrastructure protection solution, the very best, by any standard, because when everything is at stake, second best isn't an option.

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