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eStore Security Features

The Paramount Defenses Inc eStore is designed to offer a convenient, world-class and trustworthy shopping experience for our global customers. The following is a brief description of some of its security and convenience features which together deliver a world-class and trustworthy shopping experience.

  1. Secure On-site Transactions

    When you purchase a product from our eStore, you can be rest assured that the entire transaction (except the essential and required process of obtaining credit card authorization from a merchant gateway) is performed on the Paramount Defenses Inc website. At no point in time are you routed to any intermediate 3rd party online to complete a transaction. This minimizes the risk of any information being compromised enroute to or at a 3rd party site online.

    In addition, all credit-card transactions are performed on a highly secure encrypted channel, established using 256-bit encryption, delivered by a highly trustworthy extended validation SSL certificate (only issued to active, legal U.S. corporations.)

    Furthermore, our eStore is powered by state-of-the-art grid-hosting technology, backed by full network redundance, and protected by integrated monitoring systems and 24-7 security staff to ensure the highest levels of availability (99.9 %) and security.

  2. No Credit Card Data Stored

    When you purchase a product from our eStore, you can be rest assured that we do not store or persist any credit card information in our systems. Your credit card details are only used to authorize and complete your purchase using industry-standard authorization processes. They are never persisted or stored in our systems or databases.

  3. All Major U.S. & International Credit Cards Accepted

    We offer our global customers maximum flexibility when it comes to payment options. We accept all major U.S and international credit-cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. In addition, our global customers also have the option of making a secure purchase over a telephone by calling our U.S. based sales team.

  4. No Account Creation or User Registration Required

    We respect and value your time, and to make your online shopping experience with us as efficient as possible, we do not require our customers to engage in any lengthy or annoying account creation or user registration processes.

  5. Express Checkouts

    We believe in providing a simple online shopping experience and we offer express checkouts so you can select and buy any product in less than two minutes and without having to register or create and maintain an account with us.

  6. Instant Delivery

    All downloadable / digital products purchased from our store are instantly delivered via email, so that you can download, install and deploy them almost instantaneously.

The Paramount Defenses Inc eStore offers our global customers a world-class, seamless and trustworthy shopping experience.

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