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Media Coverage

Media Coverage

Identifying Privileged Access Users in Active Directory

Top-10 Security Solution Providers, March 2016 Issue, Government CIO Outlook Magazine

Luke McCormack, Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security wrote the leading article in the March 2016 edition of the Government CIO Outlook Magazine.

To help CIOs and CEOs find the right security solution provider, a distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, analysts and the Government CIO Outlook’s editorial board selected and recognized 10 companies from over 300 solution and service providers as the Government CIO Outlook’s Top-10 Security Solutions Providers for 2016, including Paramount Defenses...

Government CIO OUtlook Magazine, March 2016

Active Directory is the core of privileged access in most organizations worldwide, including in almost all U.S. federal and state agencies. Since 100% of all major recent cyber security breaches, including the Snowden and the OPM Data breach, involved the compromise and misuse of a single Active Directory privileged user account, the need to know exactly who has what level of privilege in an organization’s foundational Active Directory is paramount to cyber security today.

Paramount Defenses, an innovative U.S. cyber security company, led by former Microsoft Program Manager or Active Directory Security, develops innovative cyber security privileged access audit solutions that help organizations worldwide precisely and easily identify privileged users in Active Directory environments.

Read the entire Story on Page 27 here, or the online version here.

Cover Story, U.S. Edition February 2015 Issue, SILICON INDIA

Last November, malicious perpetrators hacked their way into Sony Pictures, stealing terabytes of valuable insider information including previously unreleased movies and leaving the Sony network crippled for days. It is widely believed that malicious perpetrators compromised a single Active Directory administrative account and then used it to obtain access to terabytes of valuable confidential information using that account. . . 

Silicon India February 2015 U.S. Edition

. . . should a single account that has administrative access to/in Active Directory be compromised, theoretically every IT resource in the organization could be at risk. In order to maintain security, today organizations absolutely need to be able to pinpoint who has what level of administrative access in their Active Directory to avoid any unwarranted security incidents. Though this ability was virtually non-existent a few years ago, a visionary ex-Microsoft security expert, has changed the scenario via his brain-child Paramount Defenses.

Paramount Defenses is helping organizations worldwide find out exactly who has what administrative powers delegated in their IT infrastructures.

Read the entire Cover Story here.

By Dan Blum, Senior VP & Research Director, BURTON GROUP

Active Directory in the large enterprise environment has multiple powerful domain administrators, a bewildering array of OS-integrated functions, a powerful delegation capability, inheritance, and many privileged service accounts and group objects for discretionary access control. . . 

. . . It is very difficult for security staff or auditors to know who has access to what.

Gold Finger provides an easier way to point at accounts, groups or other entries in the directory and list out their "resultant access control" information. With the tool, administrators can seek out paths to privilege that are not appropriate and perhaps unnecessary. Then get rid of them.

Read the entire article here.

By Andrew Conry-Murray, INFORMATION WEEK

Do you know who has permission to reset passwords, create accounts, and elevate permissions in your organization' Former Microsoft program manager of Active Directory, bets the answer will surprise – and dismay – your security and compliance officers . . .

 . . .  the potential for the product is stunning. Active Directory's market share means an almost unlimited customer base, especially among large organizations. In addition, managing authorization and access control is a security best practice as well as a requirement of many regulations. . . . 

 . . .  This looks like a company to keep an eye on.

Read the entire article here.

By Margie Semilof, TECH TARGET

Why bother attacking a Windows server when attacking Active Directory can provide you with the keys to the kingdom'  . . .

 . . .Active Directory might be compromised in several ways, but most hacks are caused by people using escalation of privilege made possible by excessive entitlements. The perpetrator finds an anonymous user and escalates that user's privilege to an administrator or to a domain administrator. Most of privilege escalations are facilitated or enabled by the presence of excessive entitlements . . .

 . . ."For an attacker, the ability to acquire domain administrator privileges would be having access to the crown jewels," said Daniel Blum, group analyst at Burton Group, a Midvale, Utah-based consulting firm. "You could get into everything that was dependent on Microsoft's security model."

Read the entire article here.


In a company as large as Microsoft, the comings and goings of employees can often be overlooked. But there were two transactions this month - one coming, one going - that ought to be of interest . . .

 . . .Sanjay Tandon was packing his bags and headed out the door of Bill Gates & Co. Sanjay had been program manager for Active Directory Security. As one Microsoft MVP ("Most Valuable Professional") said: Sanjay was one of the AD Dev Security guys (a PM actually) at Microsoft. He was directly responsible for putting together the AD Delegation Whitepaper that, quite frankly should have been sent along with every copy of Windows 2000 from Day 1 . . .

 . . .If you browse through his breathtakingly beautiful Web site you'll hopefully come to realize the passion that's driving him.

Read the entire article here.

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