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Paramount Defenses Releases Gold Finger Mini 6.0 for Microsoft Active Directory to Democratize Cyber Intelligence Worldwide

Gold Finger Mini lets 500 million+ organizational users worldwide find out who can reset their work passwords.

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Newport Beach, CA. May 01, 2018 (Business Wire) – Paramount Defenses, the world's leading cyber security company in the mission-critical privileged user audit space, today released Gold Finger Mini 6.0, the world's only solution that lets organizations worldwide, and their employees, find out exactly who can steal their corporate identities by resetting the passwords of their corporate Active Directory domain user accounts.

With over five hundred million domain user accounts in Active Directory deployments worldwide today, Microsoft's Active Directory is the very foundation of cyber security and IT management worldwide. Paramount Defenses was founded by former Microsoft Program Manager for Active Directory Security.

At 85% of organizations worldwide, from the CEO to rank-and-file employees, user accounts of the almost all organizational employees and contractors are Active Directory domain user accounts, protected by passwords, which unfortunately can be easily and instantly reset by anyone who has sufficient privileged access to do so.

Today, at most of these organizations, including at most Fortune 1000 companies, no one really know exactly who can reset whose passwords, even though everyone who has an Active Directory account could, with sufficient expertise, figure this out within minutes and misuse it to compromise organizational security.

For instance, at most organizations, no one, including anyone in IT, knows exactly who can reset the CEO's, the CFO's, the CIO'sor any Domain Admins' password, even though large numbers of individuals can likely do so.

Anyone who could reset a user's password could instantly login as that user and get access to everything that user has access to, including confidential organizational data. Of course, if someone could reset the password of even one privileged user or Domain Admin account, he/she would instantly have the "Keys to the Kingdom," and could cause a massive, and possibly system-wide, security breach.

Thus, it is paramount for organizational IT teams, and ideally for all employees, to know at all times exactly who can reset whose passwords. Unfortunately, making these determinationa accurately is very, very difficult.

Gold Finger Mini 6.0 fully automates the accurate determination of exactly who can reset whose passwords in Microsoft Active Directory environments, thus empowering organizations and their employees to easily and instantly obtain this paramount insight. It embodies the company's patented, innovative, Microsoft-endorsed effective access assessment technology, which today helps defend organizations in six continents worldwide.

Gold Finger Mini

Saliently, Gold Finger Mini not only empowers employees to find out who can reset their own account's passsword, it also lets them find out who can reset the password of any and all other employees, thus empowering all employees to partake in cyber security, thus democratizing cyber intelligence worldwide.

"There's a lot of talk about artifical intelligence worldwide nowadays, including a desire to democratize it, but the reality on the ground worldwide is that most organizations don't even seem to have basic real intelligence into such essential and vital aspects of cyber security," said Sanjay Tandon, CEO of Paramount Defenses.

"We thus felt a need to help organizations first obtain some actual, real and valuable cyber intelligence, and by empowering organizaitonal employees worldwide to be able to make these determinations for free, we're democratizing realy cyber intelligence and helping everyone partake in cyber security," he added.

Smart hackers already know how to identify and leverage such valuable intelligence when engaging in advanced Active Directory Privilege Escalation, wherein one doesn't even need to use password hashes (PtH.)

"Depending on whose password is being reset, even just a single password reset could result in a massive security breach. Thousands of organizations worldwide that operate on Microsoft Active Directory no longer need to operate in the proverbial dark. They can now easily identify and lockdown exactl ywho can reset whose passwords, thus eliminating the arcane yet potent threat posed by unauthorized password resets, organization-wide," added Mr. Tandon.

"This is merely a small aprt of what we do for the world today, and we're happy to help," he concluded.

Gold Finger Mini is available in one free and three paid editions, ranging from $29 to $99 for a single-user annual license. It can be downloaded and installed by anyone in under two minutes, and it does not require any administrative access or Active Directory knowledge to use.

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Paramount Defenses is the world's top cyber security company in the privileged user/access audit space in Microsoft Active Directory environments. Its unique, innovative, patented cyber-security technology helps organizatiosn worldwide secure and defend their foundational Active Directory deployments, on-premises and in the Cloud.

Its global customer spans six continents and includes numerous globally prominent organizaitons including the U.S. Government, Fortune 100 companies, financial institutions, defense contractors, Internet, software and tech companies, oil and gas giants, and other organizations worldwide.

Paramount Defenses is a registered trademark and Gold Finger is a trademark of Paramount Defenses. Microsoft, Windows and Active Directory ad either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

Contact: Paramount Defenses Inc

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Paramount Defenses is a registered trademark and Gold Finger is a trademark of Paramount Defenses. Microsoft, Windows and Active Directory are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

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