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Paramount Defenses Introduces the Gold Finger Suite for Microsoft Active Directory to Deliver Mission-Critical Cyber Security Insight to Microsoft’s Global Customer Base

The Gold Finger Suite of Microsoft Active Directory focused security, access and effective access audit tools empowers organizations to obtain the cyber security insight they need to combat insider and APT threats.

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Newport Beach, CA. May 07, 2015 (Business Wire) –

Paramount Defenses, a high-value innovative global cyber security company uniquely capable of helping organizations identify and eliminate insider and APT threats stemming from the vast presence of excessive/unauthorized access in IT environments, today introduced its flagship Gold Finger Suite of Active Directory focused security, access and effective access audit tools.


Microsoft’s Active Directory is the heart and foundation of cyber security at over 85% of all business and government organizations worldwide because it stores and protects the entirety of an organization’s user accounts, computers, security groups and policies, and enables seamless distributed access in organizations worldwide. Most importantly, it is the control center of administrative power/access distribution/delegation.

In essence, Active Directory enables the protection of the entirety of an organization’s IT resources, and consequently the security of the Active Directory itself is paramount to organizational security. The need to know exactly who has what effective administrative powers on and in Active Directory is thus mission-critical.

Today, in most organizations powered by Active Directory, large numbers of insiders have varying levels of sensitive/administrative access provisioned in Active Directory, but no one really knows exactly who has what access, because IT departments do not have the means to accurately audit effective access in their environments.

Consequently, today most organizations operate in the proverbial dark with no reliable insight into who has what effective access to which IT resources in Active Directory and beyond, thus remaining highly vulnerable to attack and compromise, both from insiders and from outsiders, such as an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) who could compromise an insider’s identity, then engage in Active Directory Privilege Escalation to completely breach security.

The need to know exactly who has what effective access is thus paramount to organizational security today.

In fact, organizations worldwide absolutely need to be able to identify, audit and report exactly who has what effective administrative access provisioned in their Active Directory, because the accidental, intentional or coerced misuse of a single administrative account could result in a massive cyber security breach, as evidenced by numerous recent high-profile cyber security breaches.

Unfortunately this need remains largely unfulfilled, because the process involved in determining effective administrative access in Active Directory is very difficult, time-consuming and expertise-reliant process.


The Gold Finger Suite of Active Directory Audit Tools from Paramount Defenses embodies unique, innovative, patented, Microsoft-endorsed effective-access assessment technology that fully automates the accurate determination of effective access in Microsoft Active Directory environments.

The Gold Finger Suite is comprised of 7 essential Active Directory Audit Tools that in addition to delivering accurate effective access insight in Active Directory environments, also empowers organizations to instantly fulfill a wide variety of regulatory compliance and cyber security driven security and access audit needs.

Gold Finger Suite

The Gold Finger Suite for Microsoft Active Directory is comprised of the following 7 tools –

  1. Active Directory Security Audit Tool – Automates basic state and security analysis
  2. Group Membership Reporting Tool – Automates group membership enumeration
  3. Kerberos Token-Size Analyzer – Automates Kerberos token-size determination
  4. ACL Viewer and Exporter – Makes Active Directory ACL analysis substantially easier
  5. Permissions Analyzer – Automates comprehensive Active Directory permissions analysis
  6. Effective Permissions Calculator – Uniquely automates determination of effective permissions
  7. Administrative Access and Delegation Audit Tool – Uniquely automates the determination of effective administrative access across an entire Active Directory domain at the touch of a button

The Gold Finger Suite thus uniquely delivers high-value security, access and effective-access insight to organizations, thereby helping them attain and maintain least privileged access in their Active Directory, and consequently helping them substantially reduce the exploitable attack surface available to insiders and APTs.

Gold Finger is architected by Sanjay Tandon, formerly Microsoft Program Manager for Active Directory Security, and now CEO of Paramount Defenses. Quoting Tandon, “100% of all major recent cyber security breaches involved the compromise and misuse of a single Active Directory administrative account. These breaches could have been prevented if these organizations had minimized and adequately protected the number of Active Directory administrative accounts. Gold Finger helps our customers swiftly and accurately identify and minimize the number of Active Directory administrative accounts in their environments, thus substantially and measurably helping them reducing their attack surface.

Gold Finger is deployed in six continents worldwide and used by the world’s most prominent government and business organizations to fulfill their Active Directory focused security, access and effective access audit needs.

The company also introduced a new, flexible subscription-based licensing model for organizations, providing the ability to license one or more tools individually or in any combination, on a short or long term basis.

Pricing now starts at US $ 49 a week for a basic Active Directory Security Audit Tool, and ranges up to US $ 1Million a year for its flagship Administrative Access and Delegation Audit Tool.

For more information please visit –


Paramount Defenses Inc, founded and led by a former Microsoft Cyber Security expert, is an innovative, high-value, privately-held, United States Cyber Security Company that develops mission-critical cyber security solutions to address paramount global cyber security needs. Its customer base spans six continents worldwide and includes several of the world’s most prominent organizations including the United States Government, the British Government, the Saudi Arabian Government, Microsoft, IBM, Google and others.

Contact: Paramount Defenses Inc

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Paramount Defenses is a registered trademark and Gold Finger is a trademark of Paramount Defenses. Microsoft, Windows and Active Directory are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

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