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Active Directory is the  lifeline of your IT infrastructure.

Active Directory is the lifeline of your IT Infrastructure

The Importance of Active Directory Security

At the very foundation your organization's IT infrastructure lies your Microsoft Active Directory deployment, your organization's lifeline.

Should your Active Directory be compromised, your entire IT infrastructure could instantly be at risk of compromise.

Here's why –

The following 4 aspects of IT security rely on Active Directory (AD):

  1. Enterprise Security - All user accounts (and passwords) used for authentication, and all security groups (and memberships) used for authorization, are stored in Active Directory.

  2. Keys to the Kingdom - All administrative accounts, and their passwords, as well as all administrative security groups and their memberships, are stored in Active Directory.

  3. Administrative Delegation - Delegation of administrative authority for all critical aspects of IT management, such as identity and access management, is done in Active Directory.

  4. Security Policy Management - All host protection security policies used to protect all domain-joined computers are defined in, stored in and pushed out from Active Directory.

Consequently, should your foundational Active Directory be compromised, the very components that help secure all your organization's IT assets could be compromised, and consequently, the entirety of your organization's IT assets could potentially be at risk. Thus your organization's entire IT infrastructure is only as secure as is your Active Directory deployment.

As the very foundation of your organization's security, your Active Directory is an extremely high-value organizational IT asset. Its adequate protection and security are thus paramount to business and merit being your organization's #1 cyber security priority. Organizations are advised to afford the highest level of protection for their foundational Active Directory deployments.

After all, what else could be more important than protecting the very foundation of your organization's security?

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