Hello World

Hello World,

I’m Sanjay, Founder and CEO of Paramount Defenses. On behalf of our entire team, it is my privilege and pleasure to welcome you to our website and our blog, and pen our first official blog entry.

Ten years ago, I founded Paramount Defenses to help organizations worldwide secure and defend the very foundation of their cyber security, their foundational Active Directory deployments.

Today, I am happy to share with you that we uniquely help secure and defend the world’s most important, valuable and powerful business and government organizations in 6 continents worldwide.

Defending Organizations Worldwide

In fact, what we do at Paramount Defenses today is paramount to the foundational cyber security of Microsoft Corporation’s global customer base, comprised of 85% of organizations worldwide.

As the world’s most important and valuable cyber security company today, we take our responsibility seriously. (BTW I know that‘s a bold claim, so I’ll be happy to substantiate it in days to come.)

In days and weeks to come, via this blog and other vehicles, we intend to share insightful perspectives  to help organizations worldwide enhance and maintain foundational cyber security.

Best wishes,



PS: Earlier today, we also made a small announcement – Paramount Defenses to Donate Up To $ 50 Million of its Microsoft Active Directory Security Audit Software

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