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The IT infrastructures of over 85% of all organizations worldwide, including those of virtually every government and business institution, run on Microsoft's flagship Windows Server platform.

At the very foundation of cyber security, identity and access management in these Microsoft Windows Server based IT infrastructure lies Microsoft's Active Directory.

Paramount Defenses was founded by and is led by none other than former Microsoft's Program Manager for Active Directory Security.

Paramount Defenses was founded to develop tactical and strategic cyber security defenses that are needed to help organizations worldwide engage in business on a trustworthy foundation.

Tactically, the company has already developed and delivered the world's first and only accurate effective access assessment solution, without which precise access control is not possible.

Strategically, it is developing the world's first dedicated cyber security infrastructure protection solution because today a trustworthy cyber security foundation is paramount to business.

Today the company develops mission-critical access assessment solutions that enable organizations worldwide to precisely assess and control effective access in their IT infrastructures.

Today its mission-critical cyber security solutions, powered by innovative patented access assessment technology, are deployed at 5000+ organizations in 100+ countries worldwide.

Its global customers include the world's most respected business and government institutions, such as –

The U.S. Government Microsoft Corporation United States Treasury IBM The U.S. Department of Defense

The company operates under the guidance of a distinguished Advisory Board, led by Microsoft's former Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).

The company also leads the world's largest community of Active Directory Security Professionals, with 2000+ members from 1000+ organizations across 100+ countries.

The company is one of only five ISVs in the world recognized by Microsoft Corporation as a valuable partner in the directory services based identity and access management space.

Established in 2006, today the company is one of the world's top cyber security companies because it uniquely helps secure and defend the very foundation of cyber security worldwide.

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