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Founder and CEO

Former Microsoft Program Manager
Active Directory Security.

"Security is an important issue for organizations as well as individuals. I would advise all organizations to attain and maintain a sound security posture. The work that Sanjay Tandon is doing to help organizations become and stay secure is great for the ecosystem."

JC Cannon, Senior Privacy Strategist
Trustworthy Computing Group 

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Paramount Defenses is the brainchild of Sanjay Tandon, formerly, Program Manager for Active Directory Security at Microsoft Corporation.

From the U.S. Government to the Fortune 1000, at the foundation of cyber security and privileged access at 85% of all organizations worldwide lies Microsoft Active Directory.

Tandon was Program Manager for Active Directory Security on Microsoft's Windows Server Development Team in the early 2000s. As Microsoft's top subject matter expert, he was responsible for all aspects of Active Directory Security.

In 2004, he also proposed, conducted and delivered a risk-assessment of Microsoft own massive global Active Directory deployment, the very foundation of Microsoft's security, to the highest offices at Microsoft, enhancing Microsoft's security.

While at Microsoft, Tandon helped improve the security posture of many Fortune 100 and governments around the world.

In 2005, Tandon left Microsoft to pursue his passion for cyber security, and founded Paramount Defenses in 2006.

Tandon earned a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, in 2001.

Microsoft Years

Microsoft Years

Tandon joined Microsoft Corporation in 2001 and served the company in two vital capacities.

As Program Manager for Active Directory Security on Microsoft's Windows Server Development Team, Tandon was responsible for all aspects of Active Directory Security.

In this role, he designed Active Directory Security features, authored functional specifications and official Microsoft technical guidance and presented at industry conferences (e.g. TechEds.)

He also provided guidance to Microsoft IT, Microsoft's Product Support Teams (PSS), Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS) and many of Microsoft's top enterprise customers.

In 2004, Tandon transitioned to Microsoft IT's coveted Threat and Risk Assessment Team, and conducted and delivered a risk assessment of Microsoft's global Active Directory deployment.

The recommendations of his risk assessment led to significant enhancements in Microsoft's foundational security.

For his contributions to Microsoft's customers, he was awarded the Passion for Customers award at Microsoft.

Paramount Defenses Years

Paramount Defenses

After serving Microsoft in two vital capacities, Tandon founded Paramount Defenses in 2006 to help organizations address two paramount unsolved challenges in cyber security.

The first challenge was to help organizations be able to find out "Exactly who has what access in their IT infrastructures."

To address this paramount challenge, Tandon pioneered and led the development of, and ultimately delivered the world's first and only effective access audit solution, Gold Finger.

Gold Finger is the world's only solution that can accurately audit privileged access in Active Directory deployments, and determine who has the "Keys to the Kingdom", worldwide.

Tandon also holds the cyber security patent that governs the determination of access entitlements in systems.

The second paramount challenge was to help organizations be able to comprehensively secure the very foundation of their security, their foundational cyber security infrastructures.

Next decade, the company intends to address the second challenge, because a trustworthy foundation is paramount.

Contributions to Cyber Security

Contributions to Cyber Security

Over the last two decades, Mr. Tandon's work has helped enhance cyber security worldwide -

  • 2004 - Tandon authored Microsoft's official whitepaper on Delegation of Administrative Authority in Active Directory.

  • 2006 - Tandon commenced work on developing the world's first privileged access audit solution for Active Directory.

  • 2006 to 2012 - Tandon architected, and led development and delivery of Gold Finger, the world's only accurate privileged access audit solution for Active Directory, required to secure 85% of organizations worldwide.

  • 2013 - Tandon was awarded a high-value cyber security patent, governing access assessment, by the U.S. PTO.

  • 2015 - Tandon designed GF 007G.

  • 2017 - Tandon conducted advanced Active Directory Security schooling online for organizations worldwide.

  • 2018 - 2019 - Tandon helped organizations worldwide understand the paramount importance of AD Security.

Tandon's contributions to cyber security directly impact the foundational security of 85% of organizations worldwide.

Our Global Customers

  • Australian Government
  • United States Treasury
  • British Government
  • Government of Canada
  • British Petroleum
  • Ernst and Young
  • Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency
  • Juniper Networks
  • U.S. Department of Defense
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • United Nations
  • Quantium
  • Nestle
  • IBM Corporation
  • U.S. Federal Aviation Administration
  • Columbia University

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