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The Paramount Brief

The Paramount Brief documents arguably the world's most critical cyber security risk which could be exploited by any malicious entity (an insider or outsider) or an advanced persistent threat, such as a foreign government, that possesses the capability and intent to effectively target and compromise any specific business or government entity (e.g. OPM) of their choice, worldwide.

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Defending Active Directory Against CyberAttacks

An accompanying technical presentation titled Defending Active Directory Against Active Directory Attacks can be downloaded from here, and its contextual perspective can be found here.

Paramount Defenses can demonstrate the presence of this serious cyber security risk in the environment of virtually any* organization that operates on Microsoft Active Directory today.

* The astute mind will note that Microsoft Corporation also operates on Microsoft Active Directory, as do the Fortune 1000, the entire U.S. Government and virtually all cyber security companies.

In these organizations, anyone who wishes to see for themselves just how many individuals possess sufficient privileged access to be able to reset the password of the domain user accounts of the organization's executives (CEO, CFO, CIO, CISO) or that of any privileged user (e.g. any Domain Admin) or for that matter that of any employee, can now instantly do so our compliments.

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