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Global Security

Did you know that at the foundation of cyber security of virtually every organization that directly impacts your life, from your employer to your financial institution, from the companies you invest in to governments worldwide, from the companies that build all that the world needs to the companies that provide the world's utilities (energy, transportation, defense, technology etc.), and of course virtually every cyber security company in the world, lies Microsoft's Active Directory ?

We protect you by helping the very organizations that directly impact your life, obtain the mission-critical effective access insight that they need to precisely control access to the entirety of their IT resources, and thus to adequately secure and defend not just all their IT resources but also the very foundation of their cyber security, their underlying Active Directory deployments.

We Provide Mission-Critical Cyber Security Insight Worldwide

We empower organizations worldwide to obtain precise, actionable mission-critical cyber security insight into the state of effective provisioned administrative access in their IT infrastructures.

Mission-Critical Cyber Security Insight

Specifically, we empower them to precisely assess, audit and control effective privileged access i.e. administrative power (the "keys to the kingdom") in their Active Directory deployments.

Privileged User/Access Audit

Accurate effective access insight is mission-critical to cyber security, because without it, neither the building blocks of security (e.g. user accounts, security groups etc.) nor the organizational IT resources they protect (e.g. corporate identities, devices, systems, data, files, databases etc.), can be reliably secured. Without it, organizations worldwide would be in the proverbial dark.

Who We Are What We Do How We Protect You