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Secure and defend the very foundation of cyber security worldwide

Our Vision

Our Vision

We intend to help organizations across the world significantly and measurably enhance their security posture by empowering them to secure and defend the very foundation of their cyber security defenses, their foundational cyber security infrastructures.

We intend to accomplish our vision by applying authoritative information security expertise, collective real-world information security experience and visionary thought leadership towards developing and delivering the world’s first comprehensive, dedicated and integrated cyber security infrastructure protection management system, code–named White Knight, specifically designed to protect cyber security infrastructures. When available, White Knight will enable and empower organizations worldwide to effortlessly, efficiently and reliably specify, enforce, monitor, assess, and analyze (the compliance of) a unified security policy governing the protection of every aspect of their cyber security infrastructure.

A trustworthy foundation is vital to the success of every endeavor, no matter how grand it’s scale. We intend to build and deliver the world's most trustworthy foundational cyber security defenses.

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