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Golden Eye

The world's first global cyber security reconnaissance solution.

Golden Eye is the world's 1st and only Cyber / Information Security Reconnaissance Solution.

Golden Eye

Golden Eye


At Paramount Defenses we are committed to championing innovation in the vital field of cyber security, with a focus on delivering powerful yet simple solutions to pervasive information security problems that plague the world today. As a part of this commitment, in Golden Eye, we're building on the power and success of the Gold Finger, and taking innovation to powerful new heights.

The Golden Eye, a special project, is a global information security reconnaissance solution that will empower national security agencies to obtain access to vital cyber security information, the availability of which could significantly enhance the ability of governments to act on accurate and definitive information. It will only be made available to select national security agencies.

Golden Eye represents the state-of-the-art in information security reconnaissance, a field that in years to come will play a strategic role in securing and defending nations.

That's about as much as we will publicly* divulge about the Golden Eye today.

* If you represent a national security agency, and you have an interest in the Golden Eye, you may feel free to contact us for more information.

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