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Gold Finger
for Active Directory  
Gold Finger
| Security
Audit Tool
| Membership
Reporting Tool
| Token-Size
| ACL Viewer
& Exporter
| Permissions
| Effective Permissions 
& Access Calculator
| Administrative Access 
& Delegation Audit Tool
| Gold Finger
| Golden

Trusted Worldwide

Gold Finger is deployed in 6 continents worldwide.

    Gold Finger, powered by Microsoft-endorsed, patented technology, is trusted in 6 continents worldwide.

Today Gold Finger's deployment base span 6 continents across the globe. In fact, here are some countries where Gold Finger has helped organizations gain paramount insight –

United States France Switzerland Germany United Kingdom
Australia Canada Brazil Singapore India
Argentina Mexico Peru Ecuador Venezuela
Iceland Norway Sweden Finland Russia
Netherlands Spain Austria Italy Bulgaria
Czech Republic Romania Ukraine Hungary Belgium
Madagascar Morocco Nigeria Tanzania South Africa
Afghanistan Iraq Qatar Oman Saudi Arabia
Sri Lanka Indonesia Malaysia Thailand Pakistan
South Korea Colombia Japan Vietnam China
Costa Rica New Zealand Denmark Panama Antigua
Suriname Fiji Georgia Macau Israel
Bahrain Croatia Malta Jordan Belarus
Philippines Egypt Cyprus Monaco Cayman Islands

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