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The Entire World

Microsoft Active Directory is the foundation of cyber security of 85% of all organizations worldwide.

What do just about all of the world's governments and militaries, banks and stock exchanges, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies, aerospace and defense companies, airlines and hotels, utility and energy companies, manufacturers and retailers, courts and law firms, news and media companies, food and beverage companies, educational institutions, Internet, tech, social-media, cloud-computing and cyber security companies, have in common? At the foundation of them all, lies Active Directory.

Our Global Customers

  • Australian Government
  • United States Treasury
  • British Government
  • Government of Canada
  • British Petroleum
  • Ernst and Young
  • Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency
  • Juniper Networks
  • U.S. Department of Defense
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • United Nations
  • Quantium
  • Nestle
  • IBM Corporation
  • U.S. Federal Aviation Administration
  • Columbia University

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