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Paramount Defenses Unveils and Announces Availability of Gold Finger 5.0, The World's Most Powerful and Innovative IT Security Analysis Solution

Gold Finger 5.0's innovative, patent-pending capabilities uniquely fulfill the paramount IT need to know exactly who has what effective access to which IT resources, for 1000s of organizations worldwide.

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Newport Beach, CA. April 18, 2012 (PRNewswire) –

Paramount Defenses Inc, an innovative, rapidly-growing and privately-held Southern California based IT-security company, founded and led by a former Microsoft security expert, today announced the availability of Gold Finger 5.0.

Gold Finger 5.0 is quite simply the world's most powerful and innovative IT security analysis solution.


From national governments to the Fortune 1000, at the foundation of IT security of over 85% of all IT infrastructures worldwide lies Microsoft's Windows Server platform, powered by Active Directory. For these organizations, the need to know exactly who has what effective access to which IT resources, especially to the proverbial keys to the kingdom in their Active Directory, is paramount to their security.

Unfortunately, this paramount need remains completely unfulfilled, because determining exactly who has what effective access in Active Directory is a very difficult, time-consuming and expertise-reliant process. Consequently, today most organizations operate in the proverbial dark with no reliable insight into who has access to what, thus remaining highly vulnerable to attack and compromise, from inside and out.


Gold Finger completely automates the determination of effective access in Active Directory, making a very difficult and important problem, as easy as touching a button, for 1000s of organizations worldwide. Gold Finger is the only solution in the world that can solve this problem. Its unique, innovative, patent-pending capabilities embody half a decade of cutting-edge security research.

Gold Finger is architected by former Microsoft Program Manager for Active Directory Security, and endorsed by Microsoft. Today, it's global deployment base spans 5 continents and includes numerous prominent organizations, including Microsoft, and the US Government.


Best Active Directory Delegation Audit Tool

Gold Finger 5.0's unrivaled security analysis capabilities for Microsoft Active Directory include -

  1. Customizable Security Audit Reporting for Active Directory
  2. Complete Group Membership Enumeration for Active Directory
  3. The World's Only Detailed ACL Viewer and Exporter for Active Directory
  4. The World's Most Advanced Permission Analyzer for Active Directory
  5. The World's Only Effective Permissions Analyzer for Active Directory
  6. The World's Only Effective Delegated Access Analyzer for Active Directory

Gold Finger 5.0 uniquely delivers paramount security insight to 1000s of organizations worldwide.

For more information, please visit –


Paramount Defenses Inc, a valued Microsoft partner, is an innovative, privately-held, US IT-security software company that develops mission-critical security solutions to address paramount global IT-security needs.

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Paramount Defenses Inc is a trademark and Gold Finger is a trademark of Paramount Defenses Inc. Microsoft, Windows and Active Directory are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

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