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Paramount Defenses Granted a Vital Cyber Security Related U.S. Patent for Assessing Access Entitlements in IT Environments

The patent gives Paramount Defenses the unique opportunity to help organizations worldwide assess and audit who has what effective access to which IT resources in their IT environments.

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Newport Beach, CA. April 24, 2013 (PRNewswire) –

Paramount Defenses Inc, an innovative, privately-held, U.S. cyber security software company today announced it has been granted a vital cyber security related patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO.)

The patent titled "Method and System for Assessing Access Entitlements of an Entity in a System", was issued by the U.S. PTO on April 23, 2013 under patent number 8,429,708 to its founder and CEO, Sanjay Tandon.


The issuance of this patent has far reaching implications for the vitally important and rapidly growing cyber security space.

The need to know who has what effective access to which IT resources in IT environments is paramount to cyber security and organizational security because the unknown presence of unauthorized access grants in IT environments exposes vast amounts of organizational IT resources to the risk of compromise.

The issuance of this patent gives Paramount Defenses the unique opportunity to help organizations fulfill this paramount cyber security need.

It also protects the unique, innovative effective access assessment and audit capabilities embodied in its Gold Finger Active Directory Audit Tool, which is the world's first and only solution that can accurately assess effective delegated access grants in Active Directory environments today.

In addition, it immediately gives Paramount Defenses the unique opportunity to help Microsoft Corporation's global Windows Server customer base, comprised of over 85% of all organizations worldwide, accurately and efficiently audit delegated administrative access grants (the 'keys to the kingdom') in their foundational, mission-critical Active Directory deployments.

Finally, it provides Paramount Defenses the option to expand its unique effective access assessment capabilities to cover additional IT infrastructure components such as endpoints, file and applications servers, line-of-business applications and cloud based systems, as well as to license its patented technology to select cyber security and enterprise IT management vendors.


Paramount Defenses develops mission-critical cyber security defenses that help organizations attain and maintain least privileged access in the bedrock of their cyber and IT security defenses, their foundational IT security infrastructures.

Its globally deployed Gold Finger and Gold Finger Mini cyber security solutions are the world's first and only true effective access assessment solutions and they fully automate the assessment of access entitlements in IT environments. This patent issuance protects the intellectual property embodied in these solutions.

Today its global customer base spans five continents and its customers include several prominent organizations including the United States Government, the British Government, the Australian Government, Microsoft Corporation, IBM, Google and others.

Paramount Defenses uniquely addresses a global cyber security need to know who has what access in IT environments, and is amongst the most respected and fastest growing companies in the world today.

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Paramount Defenses Inc, is an innovative, privately-held, U.S. Cyber Security software company that develops mission-critical security solutions to address paramount global Cyber Security and Active Directory Security needs.

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Paramount Defenses Inc is a trademark and Gold Finger is a trademark of Paramount Defenses Inc. Microsoft, Windows and Active Directory are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

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