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Active Directory Security Consulting

This service provides organizations timely access to authoritative expertise to help them quickly and reliably fulfill custom Active Directory security needs.

"We are very pleased to see Paramount Defenses, a valued Microsoft partner, offer an innovative security solution (in Gold Finger) that helps enhance security and compliance in Active Directory environments."

Charles Coates, Senior Product Manager      
Identity and Security Business Group

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Active Directory Security Consulting

Active Directory
Security Consulting

An organization’s foundational Active Directory is the bedrock of IT and cyber security, and the heart of privileged access (the “Keys to the Kingdom’), and thus its security is paramount.

Active Directory is thus the most high-value target in organizational cyber security today, and historically almost all major recent cyber security breaches, including JP Morgan, Target, Sony, Anthem, OPM Breach, Snowden, Avast, U.N. and others, targeted Active Directory and involved the compromise and misuse of an Active Directory privileged user account.

The need to adequately strengthen and formidably harden Active Directory security is thus paramount and organizations often need to fulfill custom Active Directory security needs.

Active Directory Security is a vast and sophisticated area of cyber security, and organizations often require access to specialized expertise to fulfill various Active Directory focused security, identity and access management needs.

Our Active Directory Security Consulting service provides organizations worldwide timely and efficient access to authoritative subject matter expertise towards quickly and reliably fulfilling various custom Active Directory security needs.


Active Directory Security Consulting services are professional services intended to help organizations enhance the security of their Active Directory deployments. Our unique Active Directory Security Consulting service was developed by former Microsoft Program Manager for Active Directory Security.

It can be performed onsite or remotely, and its timeframe depends on an organization's needs.

It uniquely delivers the following benefits to an organization -

  • Reliably and efficiently fulfill a custom Active Directory security need.
  • Leverage authoritative expertise to fulfill a vital Active Directory security need.
  • Quickly fulfill a time-sensitive, advanced or custom Active Directory security requirement.

For details on its features, scope, requirements, duration and scheduling, please review the Service Brochure below.

Our Global Customers

  • Australian Government
  • United States Treasury
  • British Government
  • Government of Canada
  • British Petroleum
  • Ernst and Young
  • Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency
  • Juniper Networks
  • U.S. Department of Defense
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • United Nations
  • Quantium
  • Nestle
  • IBM Corporation
  • U.S. Federal Aviation Administration
  • Columbia University

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