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Active Directory Security is paramount to organizational security worldwide today.

Active Directory Security

Here's Why

  1. Microsoft Active Directory is the core, foundation, heart and lifeline of privileged access, administrative delegation and distributed security at 85% of organizations worldwide.
  2. The compromise of an organization's foundational Active Directory would be tantamount to the complete and systemic compromise of the organization's entire IT infrastructure.

The #1 Challenge in Active Directory Security

Today, above and beyond protecting Domain Controllers (DCs) and implementing auditing, there are 3* primary tactical requirements that organizations need to fulfill to adequately protect their foundational Active Directory deployments, of which #1 poses the biggest challenge –

  1. The need to know exactly has what privileged access, both unrestricted and delegated, both over and within the organization's foundational Active Directory (i.e. Who can do what)
  2. Optionally, the need to know exactly who may have enacted which privileged task within Active Directory (i.e. Who did what)
  3. Optionally, the need to know who may be attempting basic and well-known attacks (e.g. Pass-the-Hash, Kerberos Golden tickets) against Active Directory accounts

    *Note: Strictly speaking, there is one additional requirement, which is comprehensive and strategic in nature, on which we shall shed light, in due time.

Unfortunately, for most organizations worldwide, the extent of their Active Directory Security measures have been restricted to implementing an Auditing Solution i.e. the #2 requirement above.

Auditing, by definition, is a reactive security measure, that can at most help detect the occurrence of an event, so by the time an audit event is generated, the damage has already been done.

What organizations ideally require is the ability to know who is provisioned what privileged access over and within Active Directory i.e. who can do what. This insight is substantially more valuable than that provided by auditing because it can help organizations identify who can enact privileged tasks in their foundational Active Directory deployments, before they have been enacted.

Active Directory Privileged Access Audit

For instance, it is far more valuable to know that only 6 individuals can change the membership of the Domain Admins group, than it is to have no idea (and possibly have 60+ individuals who could do so), and get a phone call at 3:00 am that someone who was not even supposed to be able to do so, just did so. If a CIO receives that call, it is likely already too late for the organization.

Unfortunately, most organizations worldwide have been in the proverbial dark for too long now (i.e. more than a decade), when it comes to knowing who has what privileged access in their Active Directory (i.e. who can do what), because the accurate determination of who effectively has what privileged access provisioned in Active Directory is an extremely difficult problem to solve.

(Also, recently, over the past few years, perpetrators have stepped up attacks related to Active Directory, predominantly Pass-the-Hash (PtH), so after many high profile breaches involving such attacks, recently certain organizations have introduced basic threat analytics solutions designed to help organizations know who may be attempting basic attacks against Active Directory accounts.)

Our Unique Active Directory Security Solutions

We uniquely help organizations fulfill the #1 Active Directory Security challenge and requirement i.e. helping them find out who has what effective privileged access in their Active Directory –

Gold Finger - Effective Privileged Access Audit Tool

Our unique Active Directory Privileged Access Tool embodies our patented access assessment technology and empowers organizations to instantly perform an accurate effective privileged access audit to identify and minimize exactly who has what privileged access in their Active Directory. It uniquely empowers organizations to identify and lockdown privileged access in Active Directory.

In addition, we also provide several solutions that help organizations fulfill a variety of access audit related needs –

Active Directory Security Audit Tool

Active Directory Security Audit Tool

A tool that helps organizations easily and instantly fulfill a majority of their basic Active Directory Security Audit needs.

Active Directory Group Membership Reporting Tool

Active Directory Group Membership Reporting Tool

A tool that helps organizations enumerate and audit Active Directory group memberships.

Kerberos Token-Size Calculator

Kerberos Token Size Calculator

A tool that helps organizations calculate the Kerberos token size of multiple Active Directory accounts

Active Directory ACL Viewer and Export/Dump tool

Active Directory Permissions Viewer/Exporter

A tool that helps organizations view, analyze and export Active Directory security permissions

Active Directory Permissions Analyzer

Active Directory Permissions Analyzer

A tool that help organizations analyze and audit Active Directory security permissions / access rights

Active Directory Effective Permissions Tool

Active Directory Effective Permissions Tool

A tool that helps organizations accurately calculate and audit effective permissions on Active Directory objects

Our solutions thus uniquely empower organizations to fulfill the #1 requirement that organizations need to fulfill to protect their foundational Active Directory.

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