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Apologies for the delay. In light of recent global events (i.e. the U.S. Elections) which are believed to have been influenced by possibly the world’s biggest cyber security breach yet, I just wanted to let the dust settle prior to commencing sharing perspectives, since what we have to share concerns the foundational cyber security of both business as well as government organizations worldwide.

Before I can substantiate our claim, I would like to respectfully share some fundamental yet paramount cyber security insight for all business and government organizations worldwide, in the form of a cogent presentation on Active Directory Security, that we built and released last month to help Microsoft, as well as all cyber security companies, better understand foundational cyber security –

Active Directory Security
To download the presentation, please click the image above or visit –


Executive and Cyber Security Leadership at organizations worldwide, as well as IT professionals involved in cyber security and IT management worldwide, may find it to be rather insightful & timely.

In my next post, I’ll share the Top-10 ways in which a perpetrator could easily elevate privilege to Domain Admin, and not a single one of them involves passing a hash or forging a Kerberos ticket.

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PS: They say that to the wise, a hint is enough, so if you’ve seen the presentation, you’ll likely agree that ideally we needn’t say a word more. Nonetheless, we’ll continue to share, because we care.

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