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Paramount Cyber Security Defenses for Organizations Worldwide

From Wall Street to the global Fortune 1000, at the very foundation of cyber security of 85% of all government and business institutions worldwide lie their Microsoft Windows Server based IT infrastructures, powered by Microsoft's Active Directory.

Cyber Security

We possess and apply authoritative Active Directory Security expertise and patented intellectual property towards developing and delivering the world's most innovative cyber security solutions that uniquely address global, paramount cyber security needs.

Uniquely Fulfilling a Paramount Cyber Security Need

Security in any system is fundamentally about access control, and access control is impossible without the ability to precisely assess access. After all, how can one secure a system without the ability to determine exactly who has what access in it?

User Accounts System Administrators Access Computing Devices Organizational Data
Users Administrators Who has what access    
to which IT resources ?
Devices Data

Our patented technology uniquely helps organizations worldwide precisely assess access, and thus trustworthily control access.

Defending Cyber Security Worldwide

From Los Angeles to New York and London to Melbourne, today our innovative cyber security solutions deliver paramount access insight to the world's most valuable business and government organizations in 6 continents worldwide.

The access insight our solutions provide help defend the very foundation of security at organizations in 6 continents worldwide.

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