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Defending Active Directory Against CyberAttacks

Our high-value presentation on Active Directory Security, developed by former Microsoft Program Manager for Active Directory Security, provides rare, authoritative insight and is intended to help organizations enhance their understanding of Active Directory security (risks, attack surface, attack vectors, security measures etc.) and in defending Active Directory against cyberattacks.

The Paramount Brief

Operating in the Dark

This high-value presentation on Active Directory security provides rare, high-value and actionable cyber security insight. It is comprised of 90+ slides that span the following topics/sections

Active Directory Beyond the MCSE

  1. Introduction: Active Directory - Importance, Impact of Compromise and Attack Surface
  2. Top-5 Active Directory Security Risks, Attack Vectors and Methods
  3. Top-5 Active Directory Threat Sources
  4. Top-5 Active Directory Security Risks (The Details)
  5. A Note on Credential Theft Vectors
  6. Top-5 Active Directory Security Measures
  1. An Ocean of Access Privileges in Active Directory + How to Limit Them
  2. 5 Examples of Limiting Access Privileges in Active Directory
  3. Automated Privileged Access Audit in Active Directory
  4. 5 Examples of Impact of Compromise
  5. 5 Special Active Directory Security Topics
  6. Summary, Helpful Pointers and Insights

Topics include – 23 NYCRR 500, Access Privileges, Access Privileges in Active Directory, Account Operators, Accountability, Access Control Entries (ACEs), acldiag, Access Control Lists (ACLs), Active Directory Access Audit, Active Directory ACL/Permissions Dump, Active Directory Administrative Access Audit Tool, Active Directory Administrative User Workstations, Active Directory Attack Methods, Active Directory Attack Vectors, Active Directory Auditing, Active Directory Backups, Active Directory Breach, Active Directory Compromise, Active Directory Cyber Security Breach, Active Directory Data Administration, Active Directory Default Administrative Accounts and Groups, Active Directory Delegation Audit Tool, Active Directory Disaster Recovery, Active Directory Effective Access, Active Directory Effective Access Audit, Active Directory Effective Permissions, Active Directory Effective Permissions Calculator, Active Directory Effective Permissions Tab, Active Directory Effective Privileged Access Audit, Active Directory Hack, Active Directory Monitoring, Active Directory Permissions Analyzer, Active Directory Permissions Audit, Active Directory Permissions Dump Tool, Active Directory Permissions Viewer, Active Directory Privilege Escalation, Active Directory Privileged Access, Active Directory Privileged Access Audit Tool, Active Directory Privileged Accounts and Groups, Active Directory Privileged Identity Management, Active Directory Privileged User, Active Directory Quotas, Active Directory Risk Assessment, Active Directory Security, Active Directory Security Assessment, Active Directory Security Audit, Active Directory Security Breach, Active Directory Security Incident, Active Directory Security Incident Response, Active Directory Security Risks, Active Directory Service Hardening (ADSH), Active Directory Service Administration, Active Directory Trusts, Administrative Delegation in Active Directory, Administrator Account, Administrators, AdminSDHolder, Advanced Directory Services Audit, Advanced Persistent Threat, Advanced Security Settings, Advanced Threat Analytics, Anonymous Access, APT, Attack Surface, Attack Vectors, Authenticated Users, Backup Operators, Builtin Administrators, Builtin Admins, CEO, CIO, CISO, Configuration Partition, Corporate Governance, Cyber Crime, Cyber Criminals, Cyber Security Risks, Cyber Security Requirements for Financial Services Companies, Cyber War, Default Security Descriptor, defaultSecurityDescriptor, Defending Against Cyber Attacks, Delegation Audit, Delegation of Administration, DNS Records, Domain Admin, Domain Admin Account Compromise, Domain Admins, Domain Computer Accounts, Domain Controllers, Domain Controller Compromise, Domain Controller Patching, Domain Controller Security, Domain Controller Security Policy, Domain Controllers Organizational Unit, Domain Password Policy, Domain Root, Domain Security Groups, Domain User Accounts, dsacls, Enterprise Admin, Enterprise Admins, Enterprise Password Vault, Enterprise Random Password Manager, Excessive Privileges, Executive Accounts, Exploitation Procedures, Extended Rights, File Server, Free Active Directory Effective Permissions Tool, Free Active Directory Security Audit Tool, Get Replication Changes All, Golden Tickets, GPOs, Group Membership Changes, Group Policies, HBI, High-Business Impact, Identifying Privileged Accounts, Impact of Compromise, Information System, Inheritance of Permissions, Insider Threats, Intruder, Kerberos, Kerberos Delegation, Keys to the Kingdom, Least Privilege Access, Limiting Access Privileges in Active Directory, Linking GPOs, LPA, Malware, Microsoft, mimikatz DCSync, Modify Permissions, NSA, NT Security Descriptor, nTSecurityDescriptor, Object Ownership, On-Demand Privilege Manager, OPM Data Breach, Organizational Units, Pass-the-Hash, Pass-the-Ticket, Password Reset, Password Reset Analysis, Password Reset Analysis Tool, Print Operators, Privilege Escalation, Privilege is Everywhere, Privileged Access, Privileged Session Manager, Privileged Threat Analytics, Privileged User Access, Privileged User Management, Privileged User Compromise, Privileges, Protected ACL, Protected Groups, Remote Access Policies, Rogue Admin, Schema Partition, SACL, SDDL, SDs, Secure Administrative Practices, Security Descriptors, Security Permissions, Server Operators, Service Connection Points, Services, Shareholder Value, Smart Cards, Snowden, Sony Hack, System Container, Target Breach, The Paramount Brief, Tier Segmentation, Trusted for Delegation, User Account Control (UAC), Unuauthorized Access, Unauthorized Access Privileges, Unconstrained Delegation, User-Rights, Valuable Target #1

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