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Free Active Directory Audit Tool

A trustworthy free Active Directory Audit Tool.

Our Free Active Directory Audit Tool lets organizations easily and trustworthily
fulfill their essential Active Directory focused cyber security audit needs.

Free Active Directory Audit Tool

Gold Finger Free Active Directory Audit Tool

"We are very pleased to see Paramount Defenses, a valued Microsoft partner, offer an innovative security solution (in Gold Finger) that helps enhance security and compliance in Active Directory environments."

– Charles Coats, Senior Product Manager,
Identity and Security Business Group


Organizations have a need to be able to easily and trustworthily fulfill their basic Active Directory focused cyber security needs. While most organizations understand the need for and value of high-assurance licensed tooling, in our experience spanning a decade we have found that large numbers of IT personnel worldwide still continue to search for and rely on free Active Directory audit tools.

To help protect organizations from the risks inherent in the download and use of potentially untrustworthy free tools from suspect sources on the Internet, we have decided to make available a free and fully supported version of our trustworthy Gold Finger Active Directory Audit Tool, so that IT personnel who have no choice but to rely on free tools at least have a trustworthy option to do so.

Free Active Directory Security Audit Reports

Our Free Active Directory Audit Tool provides organizations a free and trustworthily option to fulfill their basic Active Directory focused cyber security needs.

It can instantly, accurately and trustworthily audit

  • All domain user accounts (e.g. active, inactive, locked, expired, custom LDAP filtered, administrative)
  • All domain computer accounts (e.g. DCs, active, inactive, operating system, trusted for delegation)
  • All domain security groups (e.g. builtin, domain local, global, universal, empty, administrative)
  • All organizational Units (OUs), service connection points, print-queues, contacts, quotas etc.
  • True last-logon times for all domain user and computer accounts, and the authenticating DC

As such, only Gold Finger is designed by former Microsoft Program Manager for Active Directory Security, endorsed by Microsoft
and trusted by the world's top organizations. It is the world's most capable, valuable and trustworthy Active Directory Audit Tool.

Technical Features

Gold Finger embodies innovative features designed to help organizations effortlessly perform Active Directory Security Audits –

  1. 100 Built-in Reports – Instantly generate 100+ essential ready-to-generate Active Directory security audit reports
  2. Custom LDAP Filters – Customize any built-in report by specifying an LDAP filter of your choice (e.g. (title=C*O))
  3. LDAP Filter Library – Define and use a custom LDAP filter library to easily generate a repeatable set of audit reports
  4. Scope and Depth Control – Target any scope (domain, OU, container etc.) and optionally restrict scope up to 10 levels
  5. DC Specific Analysis and Alternate Credential Use – Target any Domain Controller, as well as use alternate credentials
  6. True Last Logon Reports – Generate 9 True Last-logon reports based on non-replicated lastLogon attribute from all DCs
  7. Last Logon DC Identification – Identify the DC that authenticated the actual last logon of any user or computer account

In addition, the licensable version of this tool additionally includes the following features –

  1. Data Exports – Instantly export data from Active Directory (domain, OU etc.), including based on custom LDAP filters
  2. Professional-grade PDF Report Generation – Generate fully customizable, ready-to-furnish professional-grade PDF reports
  3. PDF Report Customization – Customize the heading, description and fields of PDF reports, and add an organizational logo
Real-World Examples

The following are some real-world examples that illustrate the capabilities of our Gold Finger Active Directory Security Audit Tool –

  1. Identify all domain user accounts in Active Directory, including their state, status (active/stale) and last-logon times.
  2. List all domain computer accounts in Active Directory, including their operating system, status and DNS name.
  3. Enumerate all domain security groups in Active Directory, including their type and other details.
  4. Enumerate the entire contents (accounts, groups etc.) of any Organizational Unit (OU) in Active Directory.
  5. Identify all accounts and groups that are considered/marked as administrative by Active Directory.
  6. Enumerate the list of all active and inactive domain user accounts (based on True Last Logon ).
  7. Identify all computer accounts that are trusted for unconstrained delegation in Active Directory.
  8. Identify all accounts based on a specific criteria such as a combined value of Title and a custom defined attribute Division.
  9. View the details of the CEO's domain user account.
  10. Obtain a list of all Active Directory objects, Domain Controllers, Sites, Subnets, Schema Classes/Attributes, Administrative Accounts etc.
Benefits and Solutions

Our Gold Finger Free Active Directory Audit Tool delivers the following benefits –

  1. Instantly, easily and trustworthily perform a complete or custom inventory of Active Directory content.
  2. Easily audit the state, status and settings of any, some or all resources stored in Active Directory.
  3. Efficiently, cost-effectively and trustworthily fulfill all basic and essential Active Directory security audit requirements.
  4. Easily gain valuable visibility into vital Active Directory content and perform an Active Directory recon without admin rights.
  5. Obtain 365-24-7, on-demand, real-time insight into the security state of all vital IT resources and content stored in Active Directory.

In addition, Gold Finger also helps organizations implement 5 essential cyber security solutions for –

1. Active Directory Security 3. Attack Surface Reduction 5. Audit and Compliance
2. Privileged Access Audit 4. Insider Threat Protection

As such, only Gold Finger's unique capabilities empower organizations worldwide to fulfill all their Active Directory audit
(i.e. security, membership, permissions, effective permissions/access and effective privileged access audit) needs.

Gold Finger is the Gold Standard for Active Directory Audit Tools in capability, value and trustworthiness.


The following short video demonstrates Gold Finger's helpful Active Directory security audit capabilities in action –

For optimal viewing, you may want to use the Settings icon above to set the Quality to 720p HD. You can also click the Full Screen icon to view the video in full screen.

Requirements, Licensing and Pricing

The tool can be instantly downloaded, installed and run on any Windows computer in under 2 minutes. Its use does not require any admin privileges or any changes to Active Directory. See FAQ.

The tool is fully supported and 100% free.

"We use the Gold Finger from Paramount Defenses to fulfill our Active Directory Audit needs. It saves us a lot of time and effort and we would recommend it to anyone who needs to perform Active Directory audits trustworthily and cost-effectively. Great product, great support."

– Sean Seeliger, Architect

Gold Finger Mini Gold Finger Mini
Active Directory Security Audit Tool (Licensable Version) Active Directory Security Audit Tool (Licensable Version)

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