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Is your Corporate Identity at risk?

At work, your Windows user account, protected by your password, is your corporate identity.

The easiest way for someone to steal your corporate identity is to reset your password and login as you.

Once logged in as you, they could instantly –

  • Launch attacks from your computer
  • Access and steal your documents
  • Access all your confidential data
  • Read all your work emails
  • Send email as you
  • Falsely implicate you in a crime

Your password can be reset within seconds.

Corporate Identity Theft Prevention with the World's First Password Reset Analysis Tool

Since it is your work identity, shouldn't you be entitled to knowing exactly who can reset your password?

You should, and now you can with Gold Finger Mini ...

Gold Finger Mini

Gold Finger Mini, powered by unique, innovative and patented access assessment technology is the world's only Password Reset Analysis Tool for the Microsoft Windows Server platform, designed for employees.

It can determine and reveal exactly who can reset whose passwords in Active Directory environments.

Gold Finger Mini - Password Reset Analysis Tool

It thus helps organizations reduce the risk of privilege escalation attacks in Active Directory environments.

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