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Gold Finger  
for Active Directory  
Gold Finger
| Security
Audit Tool
| Membership
Reporting Tool
| Token-Size
| ACL Viewer
& Exporter
| Permissions
| Effective Permissions 
& Access Calculator
| Administrative Access 
& Delegation Audit Tool
| Gold Finger
| Golden

Test-drive the world's   #1  Active Directory Audit Tool Suite.

You can now instantly download and try Gold Finger –

  1. Download the Gold Finger Installation Package to install Gold Finger:

    Gold Finger can be instantly installed on any domain-joined machine in under 2 minutes.
    It does not require any administrative privileges or Active Directory changes to run.

  2. Launch Gold Finger and use the Tool selector to select the tool you wish to try
  3. Follow the displayed instructions to obtain your free customized trial license

The Gold Finger Suite


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