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Gold Finger  
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Gold Finger
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Gold Finger

The world's most capable, valuable and trustworthy Active Directory Audit Tool Suite.

Do you have accurate security and effective privileged access insight into your Active Directory?

Trusted worldwide, Gold Finger, powered by innovative, Microsoft-endorsed patented technology
uniquely delivers accurate security and effective privileged access insight into Active Directory.

Active Directory Audit

Gold Finger empowers organizations to instantly and accurately fulfill all their Active Directory focused cyber security, administrative (privileged) access and regulatory compliance audit needs.

The Gold Standard for Active Directory Audit –

Gold Finger completely automates 7 essential Active Directory security, access and effective access audit capabilities, enabling organizations to accomplish in minutes, what today takes months.

With Gold Finger, at the touch of a button, organizations can instantly . . .

  1. Audit account states (e.g. active, stale, disabled, locked, expired) and last logon times.
  2. Audit, enumerate and document the complete membership of any domain security group
  3. Audit and calculate Kerberos token-sizes for multiple user accounts in any domain
  4. Audit, view, analyze and export (dump) the ACLs of Active Directory objects
  1. Audit and analyze who is granted which security permissions where in Active Directory
  2. Audit exactly who is allowed what effective permissions on Active Directory objects
  3. Audit exactly who is allowed what effective access on Active Directory objects
  4. Audit and document all administrative delegations in Active Directory

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Gold Finger is architected by former Microsoft Program Manager for Active Directory Security, endorsed by Microsoft, and trusted by the world's top government and business organizations.

"We are very pleased to see Paramount Defenses, a valued Microsoft partner, offer an innovative security solution (in Gold Finger) that helps enhance security and compliance in Active Directory environments."

– Charles Coats, Senior Product Manager,
Identity and Security Business Group

Paramount Active Directory Access Audit and Insight

Gold Finger delivers paramount access and effective access Active Directory security insight that is mission-critical for cyber security, and it does so at the touch of a button –

Active Directory Access Insight
  1. Detailed ACL Analysis
  2. Powerful Permissions Analysis
  3. True Effective Permissions Analysis
  4. Accurate Effective Administrative Access Audit
The World's Most Trustworthy Active Directory Audit Tool

Gold Finger is architected by a former Microsoft Security Expert, powered by innovative, patented, Microsoft-endorsed technology and trusted in 6 continents worldwide –

Trusted Worldwide

  1. Trusted Worldwide
  2. Endorsed by Microsoft Corporation
  3. Powered by Innovative, Patented Technology
  4. Architected by a former Microsoft Security Expert

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The Gold Finger Suite is comprised of  7  Active Directory Audit Tools –

Please select a specific Active Directory audit tool to learn more about its capabilities, features and benefits –

1. Active Directory
Security Audit Tool

  • Instantly generate Active Directory audit reports
  • Over 100+ built-in Active Directory audit reports
  • Fully-customizable reports via LDAP filters
  • Learn more

    5. Active Directory Permissions Analyzer

  • Instantly analyze Active Directory permissions
  • Identify permissions granted to a specific user/group
  • Search for specific or any combination of permissions
  • Learn more

    2. Active Directory Group Membership Reporting Tool

  • Instantly generate group membership reports
  • Enumerate all the members of a security group
  • Enumerate all the groups to which a user belongs
  • Learn more

    6a. Active Directory Effective Permissions Calculator

  • Instantly calculate accurate effective permissions
  • Identify all users granted specific effective permissions
  • Export complete object-specific effective permissions
  • Learn more

    3. Kerberos Token-Size Calculator

  • Instantly calculate Kerberos token sizes
  • Calculate Kerberos token sizes for multiple accounts
  • View the contents of any account's access token
  • Learn more

    6b. Active Directory Effective Access Calculator

  • Instantly find out exactly who is delegated what admin
        tasks on a specific Active Directory object
  • Learn more

    4. Active Directory
    ACL Viewer and Exporter

  • Instantly analyze Active Directory ACLs
  • Easily sort Active Directory ACLs by any field
  • Export (dump) some or all Active Directory ACLs
  • Learn more

    7. Active Directory Administrative (Privileged) Access and Delegation Audit Tool

  • Instantly find out exactly who is delegated what admin
        tasks across an entire Active Directory domain
  • Instantly perform an effective privileged access audit
  • Learn more

    "We use the Gold Finger from Paramount Defenses to fulfill our Active Directory Audit needs. It saves us a lot of time and effort and we would recommend it to anyone who needs to perform Active Directory audits trustworthily and cost-effectively. Great product, great support."

    – Sean Seeliger, Architect

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