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At the very foundation of cyber security of over 85% of all organizations worldwide, lies Active Directory.

Active Directory Security is Paramount to Global Security

Active Directory Security

At the very foundation of cyber security of over 90% of all business and government organizations worldwide, lies Microsoft Active Directory.

It does so because it provides, stores and protects the very foundational building blocks of cyber security, such as all organizational user accounts and their passwords, all organizational computer accounts and their security policies, all organizational security groups and their memberships, as well as the proverbial Keys to the Kingdom, i.e. all administrative accounts (privileged users) and their credentials.

Should an organization's Active Directory be compromised, its entire IT infrastructure could be at risk. Consequently the entirety of it's IT assets could be vulnerable to compromise.

Active Directory security is thus paramount to security and it must be cyber security priority #1. After all, what else could be more important than protecting the very foundation of security?

This Active Directory Security Resource Center is designed to help organizations obtain a better understanding of the importance of, and the risks associated with Active Directory, and to help them establish and enact adequate Active Directory security risk management measures. Here you'll find concise, actionable information on the following areas of Active Directory security –

  1. The Importance of Active Directory Security

  2. A list of the Top 5 Active Directory Assets

  3. A list of the Top 5 Risks to Active Directory

  4. A list of the Top 5 Active Directory Security Risk Mitigation Measures

  5. The Importance of Proactive Active Directory Security and Effective Access Audits

  6. The Role of Reactive Active Directory Security Auditing

  7. A Set of Active Directory Security Checklists

  8. A Set of Active Directory Security How Tos

  9. A List of helpful Active Directory Security Tools

  10. A List of helpful Active Directory Security Guides from Microsoft

  11. Guidance on how to learn more about Active Directory Security

  12. Basic Technical Information on Active Directory Security

  13. Pointers to other helpful online Active Directory Security Resources

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