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Gold Finger
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Gold Finger Trustworthiness

When it comes to your security,
we don't compromise. Period.  

As a mature cyber security company, the trustworthiness of our tools is our highest priority, so we go to great lengths to engineer, develop, deliver and support the world's most trustworthy tools.

The trustworthiness of any tool used by administrative IT personnel is paramount to cyber security because an untrustworthy tool could instantly and substantially jeopardize organizational security.

Active Directory audit/reporting solutions usually run in the security context of highly privileged user accounts as they are usually used by IT personnel who usually possess system-wide administrative privileges. An untrustworthy solution could, in numerous ways, easily compromise an entire Active Directory based IT infrastructure. The trustworthiness of an Active Directory audit/reporting solution is thus vital to organizational security, and an untrustworthy solution, although inexpensive to procure, could potentially compromise the security of the entire organization.

It is a matter of great pride for us to share with you that Gold Finger is quite simply the world's most trustworthy suite of audit/reporting tools for Microsoft Active Directory.

      How Trustworthy is your current Active Directory Audit/Reporting solution?

Is it  –

  1. Engineered by a Security Expert?
  2. Is your solution engineered by recognized subject matter experts or by novices in a foreign country?

    Gold Finger is engineered by none other than former Microsoft Program Manager for Active Directory Security

  3. Developed by Trustworthy Developers?
  4. Is your solution coded by highly proficient developers or by outsourced developers?

    Gold Finger is developed only by highly proficient security developers all of whom are U.S. citizens

  5. Provably Authentic and Tamper-proof?
  6. Is your solution's authenticity verifiable, and is it immune to malicious tampering?

    Gold Finger is digitally-signed and actively protected by defensive state-of-the-art software protection mechanisms

  1. Developed in a Secure Location?
  2. Is its codebase located in a secure location, or is it in a compromisable foreign location?

    Gold Finger is completely developed in the United States, and its codebase is only located in highly secure U.S. locations

  3. Supported from a Secure Location?
  4. Is your solution supported from a secure location, or a vulnerable foreign location?

    Gold Finger is 100% supported from within the United States by proficient support personnel all of whom are U.S. citizens

  5. Trusted by Microsoft?
  6. Is your solution or its vendor endorsed by Microsoft, or is it used by Microsoft IT?

    Both Gold Finger and Paramount Defenses are endorsed by Microsoft Corporation, and Gold Finger is used by Microsoft IT

If you answered NO to any of these questions, you may be exposing your organization to risk.

Gold Finger was designed with maximal security in mind, from every perspective, as seen above. It quite simply is the world's most trustworthy audit solution for Active Directory.

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